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SD Amigo Pizza

The New Generation of Pizza Oven Control Panels

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The SD Amigo Pizza Control Panel for Pizza Ovens is an
exceptionally user-friendly control panel. Packed with features
such as separate settings for front, top, and bottom heat,
weekly schedule and clock function, a backup battery, and
both automatic and manual turbo functions, this panel
provides everything necessary for a professional pizza baking

Backup Battery.
The clock and weekly schedule will not lose their memory in case of a possible loss
of voltage.

Replaceable Backup Battery.
If the backup battery runs out, this is replaceable and an indication of discharged
battery is shown on the display.

Easy setting for clock and weekly schedule.

Weekly schedule with on/off function.
Set time and temperature and the oven will be heated when the baker arrives in
the morning. Oven turn itself off at set time. Indicator lights up when active.

Fast turbo function.
The oven quickly heats up to the set baking temperature.

Manual turbo function.
The manual turbo button overrides set power settings to compensate for any temperature
drop. The oven settings are temporarily changed to 100% power on all element
groups until it reaches the selected baking temperature. The turbo function
then returns to the set power regulation. Led indication when the function is active.

Buttons for separate settings of front-, top- and bottom heat.
Full control of the baking process.

Display with clock.
When the oven is switched off, the panel displays the clock with real time.

LED Display.
LED Display with white light and functionality with 3 – 4 characters or numbers.

AC guard. Makes it possible to connect the oven to a smaller circuit breaker.
The oven distributes the power to the decks that need it most.


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