Rational Scandinavia AB

Rational Scandinavia AB

In 50 years, we have aimed to offer our customers the best tools for cooking. When we started our business in 1973 with just 18 employees, no one knew that this endeavor would form the basis of our success.

We do not see ourselves as mere machine designers, but rather as innovative solution providers. Our first and last thought is for the customers to be satisfied. This vision has made RATIONAL a world leader in the market and this technical area. Today, 140 million dishes are prepared daily all over the world in machines from RATIONAL.

With more than 1,200,000 machines on the market, our cooking systems have become standard in professional kitchens worldwide. That we are on the right track is confirmed by our customers in the main markets of Germany, the UK and the USA and in our Kantar TNS study from 2018. As many as 98% of these customers would recommend us further.




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