iCareSystem AutoDose, cleaning in a class of its own!
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iCareSystem AutoDose, cleaning in a class of its own!

iCareSystem AutoDose, the autonomous cleaning system for iCombi Pro tabletop models. Autonomous cleaning with solid detergent. Exact dose for hygienic cleaning. Saves time, increased work safety and HACCP hygiene safety.

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Easy. Secure. Hygienic.
RATIONAL now offers the optional iCareSystem AutoDose for iCombi Pro tabletop models, with the option to start the cleaning autonomously and without any employee having to do anything at all. This takes place either at a desired time, e.g. always after closing time, or when it fits into today’s routines.
In the settings, cleanings can be easily programmed separately for each day after use or according to your weekly schedule. This is possible thanks to cartridges with solid detergent
which are integrated into the machine.
Cleaning and maintenance agents do not need to be dosed for each cleaning. It increases work safety, saves money
time and guarantees HACCP hygiene safety.
In addition to hygiene, maintenance reliability is another advantage of iCareSystem AutoDose: The automated cleaning saves on checks and costs and secures ongoing operations by increasing operational reliability.


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