Duni Ab

Duni Ab

Duni Group is an international and marketing-leading group consisting of the brands Duni and BioPak. We develop sustainable and innovative concepts for the set table and take away with products that are characterized by high quality, smart design, and sustainable materials.

Our goal is to create a Sustainable Goodfoodmood everywhere where people work with and socialize around food and beverages – from fine restaurants, the neighborhood joint, business lunch, hotel lounge, festival area to all the different meals that are enjoyed on the go. Our quality products and practical solutions are a part in kitchens and restaurants around the world and together with our customer we share and spread the uncompromising love for gastronomic experiences.

However, for gastronomic experiences today and for a long future, a fundamental shift is required. Sustainability is an integral part of our business. It is part of our products and product concepts, our relationships with customers and suppliers, and a part of our employee development. A Sustainable Goodfoodmood does not start and end in the kitchen or on the table. It is a circle of life and a promise to create a greener future.

Among our most recent products you will find napkins and placemats made of a unique and fossil-free, vegetable-based material, cutlery made of 100 % paper, several series of boxes in renewable and compostable materials and trays containing 90 % less plastic that conventional trays. Swing by Duni Group’s stand and get the chance to discover some of the market’s most innovative solutions.


Bio Dunicel®

Bio Dunicel®

The same exclusive feel as always, now with fossil-free and renewable materials – let us introduce the new range of Bio Dunicel®.

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