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• Genuine taste
• Easily soluble
• Versatile use
• Long shelf life

Product description
OSCAR® Roasted Chicken jus pasta has an authentic taste of fried chicken, which you recognize from the frying pan when you roast a chicken in the oven. You have many possibilities of use with this sky, for example combine with OSCAR® DUCK FOND CONCENTRATE and redcurrant jelly, for a good sauce for duck. You can also use Kycklingstelsky pasta in a sky sauce when you e.g. going to pot roast chicken.

Bucket with 900 g of pasta, gives 37 liters of sky.
5 kg bucket – gives 205 liters of sky

Instructions for use
Dosage 25 g per liter of water. The paste can be dissolved in boiling water or added directly to the dish when used as a seasoning.

Storage before and after opening
At room temperature.


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