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0.98 l bottle

• Genuine taste
• Easily soluble
• Consistent quality and taste
• Versatile use, can be used in hot and cold dishes
• Wide selection
• Organic varieties
• Long shelf life both unopened and opened

Product description
OSCAR® Asian Fund concentrate is a slightly special fund. It brings together the Asian flavors in the form of lemongrass, coriander and coconut, among other things, and gives you an Asian stock that you can use in stir-fry dishes, cold noodle salads, as a barbecue marinade for, for example, chicken or in an Asian soup. You can also use it in cold dishes, such as in a dressing for salmon. Why not try it in a dessert? For example in a caramel sauce or ice cream.

A bottle with 0.98 l of concentrate gives up to 51 l of stock.

Instructions for use
Shake before use. Dissolve 20-30 ml of stock in 1 liter of warm or boiling water.

Storage before opening
At room temperature.

Storage after opening
In the refrigerator at +5°C.


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