Proud partner of the Swedish Culinary Association
Textilia Tvätt och Textilservice AB

Proud partner of the Swedish Culinary Association

We are happy and proud to present Textilia as a new partner to the Swedish Culinary Association

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Similarities between businesses and values

The cooperation agreement is signed for three years and means that Textilia, as an official partner of the Swedish National Chefs’ Team and the Swedish Junior Chefs’ National Team, will provide a tailored laundry and textile service for both national teams. In addition, Textilia and the Swedish Chefs’ Association are establishing a diversity and inclusion award for the restaurant industry.

– We are proud and happy about the opportunity to support the Swedish chef national teams in the coming years and at the same time share our expertise in the field of laundry and textile service as an important part of the culinary experience. In addition, in the Swedish Chefs’ Association we have found a cooperation partner and a national team where we see great similarities between our operations and in our values, says Patrick Olsson, CEO.

“We are very happy about our new collaboration with Textilia because we see a good match in our values ​​around diversity, inclusion and equal treatment”

Jens Ericsson
General Manager Swedish Culinary Association.


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