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In high-class cuisine, a great deal of time and care is dedicated to the selection of the ingredients and their professional preparation. The same care should be given to the water you use. Whether for steam generation in a combi steamer, the preparation of a perfect espresso or to achieve spotless results
when washing glasses and crockery.
BRITA filtration systems are designed to ensure tap water meets the specific needs of premium restaurants – no matter what the
composition of the local water supply. The filtered water contains a balanced mix of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. It
has the ideal hardness level for use in high-end kitchen equipment. And any unwanted elements that could impact or mask aroma and taste are removed.
BRITA filtration systems improve the quality of the water used to brew coffee and tea, and to cook, clean and prepare your food.
BRITA-enhanced water also extends the service life of the equipment in your restaurant kitchen. All key components are reliably protected against limescale and deposits of unwanted minerals, such as gypsum.


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