Tilting kettle M5

The M5 upgrade is equipped with a new user-friendly screen-based graphical control panel which provides a clear overview. In addition, multiple functions can be controlled simultaneously.
As with previous generations, the measurement of core and jacket temperatures is highly precise, just like the flow meter for water filling, which makes it possible to dose in decilitres.
The M5’s tightness classification, support design and accessibility to servicing have been improved, enhancing quality and safety for the user, and naturally, the product also incorporates the popular, unique turnable lid. Through one simple operation you can turn the lid on its end and lower it into the pan, then all you have to do is clean it using the pistol hose – all the while maintaining a sound working posture.
The pan’s steam jacket is naturally also fitted with a sealed steam system and automatic water filling functionality. The M5 Maxi model also includes unique LED lighting in the lid which provides a clear overview through the inspection grille – even when the lid is on.

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