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Stuffed Pasta from RANA – global market leader in fresh Pasta
At our Casa dell’Innovazione in Verona in northern Italy, our chefs and developers work side by side to develop the best food service offering for discerning restaurant customers worldwide.
The quality of the ingredients is crucial for RANA and we attach great importance to finding the best ingredients and raw materials. To guarantee the highest possible level of product quality, consistency and safety, we choose our suppliers of meat, fish, cheese and vegetables with great care. We take no shortcuts and would never use artificial flavors or powdered ingredients.
At RANA, we have 60 years of experience in making stuffed pasta where it all starts with the perfect combination of durum wheat flour and eggs. Our technical solutions provide great and unique benefits, for example when it comes to rolling the pasta extra thin and then filling it with the creamiest fillings with large pieces in. All to lift the gastronomic experience to new heights.
The fillings that we carefully choose for our filled pasta range have been developed especially for professional food serving. The recipes, production techniques designed by our developers and the frozen chain mean that our stuffed pasta retains its high quality throughout the shelf life.
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