Eguale Mini with the taste of something bigger!
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Eguale Mini with the taste of something bigger!

Finally, Eguale Mini has arrived in four new flavors. Suitable for all occasions, everywhere. For coffee, a snack or dessert. Perfect for caf矇, checkout line and store front.

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All flavors are each sold in a box of 150 pieces of 10 gram pieces.

Vegan: Dark chocolate 80%
This little piece of chocolate is fruity and intense. The cocoa beans come from deepest Peru, and the trees in the Amazon rainforest.

Milk chocolate with sea salt and caramelized almonds
Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy pieces of caramelized almonds and a hint of salt. Magically.

Vegan: Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate – pure goodness

Always fair trade, always organic.
Enjoy the goodness – everywhere!


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