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Vägga Rökeri AB

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Vägga Rökeri is located in Karlshamn down by the marina with a wonderful view of the sea, archipelago and boats. The business was started in 1975 and is still run today by Ingemar Martinsson. With over 50 years of experience in fish smoking, you can probably say that Ingemar knows most of what is needed,
although he himself claims that no one ever becomes a complete scholar. Ingemar began his career in the salmon and fish smoking industry in the early 50s in Mörrum, Mörrumsån is known all over Europe for its large and fine salmon. In the 60s, Ingemar worked for Arvid Nordqvist where he was manager of the smokehouse. Arvid Nordqvist had Sweden’s leading delicatessen
so the demands were high that even the smoked fish should be of the highest quality.

Vägga Rökeri today has 40 employees, we have a very modern machine park, but the taste is still like the old-fashioned way.
Vägga Rökeri delivers to wholesalers, restaurants and shops. We are EU compliant and have our own manufacturing which is based on IP Food Processing. Vägga Rökeri offers you a very wide range of smoked fish and should we not have what you need, we will arrange it.
Vägga Rökeri has a strong brand that is associated with flexibility, quality experience and a reliable partner, this is something we cherish strongly.




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