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Pop up take over! During both fair days between 13-14, Barkonsult will mix a fantastic mocktail in our monter with BE WTR, Nespresso and MONIN. You can not miss it!

Nespresso Professional offers exclusive and sustainable coffee solutions for offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Nespresso is chosen by Michelin-starred restaurants, coffee lovers and caring employers around the world. Of the 16 variants, there is always something for every personality and you always get the same result every time, the barista lives in the machine. Just like food, everything sits in the details. You also know that quality counts. So why not show the caring that your guests and employees deserve? Choose Nespresso Professional!

BE WTR offers stylish and iconic water machines that filter your tap water at home or in the office while respecting the planet. Let your employees, customers and guests enjoy better water, without plastic bottles that have travelled around the world. Sparkling or still, without microplastics and unnecessary bacteria, full of healthy minerals. Choose water that is good for you and the planet, choose BE WTR!


Iconic, pared-back design for a new minimalist but maximized water experience. With full service. – Fully integrated with drip tray connected to waste storage tank – All-black and stainless steel over a black base – High refrigeration technology with low energy consumption – 80 litres per hour of cooling capacity

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