Scandza (Lindvalls Chark, Bröderna Nilssons, Westend Bakeri
Scandza (Lindvalls Chark, Bröderna Nilssons, Westend Bakeri

Scandza (Lindvalls Chark, Bröderna Nilsson Delikatesser, Westend Bakeri)

Om oss

Scandza owns several iconic Scandinavian consumer brands. We believe that the best products combine great taste, quality ingredients, attractive and convenient designs, as well as being sustainable. We have over 700 employees and 10 production units in Norway & Sweden (

Lindvalls Chark

Swedish food culture since 1925. It’s really not that hard to make top-quality sausages: All you need is the best Swedish meat, fine spices, the expertise and passion of a charcuterie master and his 125 colleagues, classic local recipes and influences from all over the world. (


Since 1928, cooking has been a passion for us at Brödernas. For more than 90 years, the company has grown and diversified, but the passion for great flavours, healthy eating and craftsmanship has passed unscathed through generations. (

Westend Bakeri

Westend Bakerier A/S is a company with deep roots. The bakery was founded in 1936 by the Bruun family. Our products consist of ready-rolled pizza bases and special products. The products are made with the best knowledge in the head and the best raw materials in the pot. Pizza bases are a predictable and time-saving solution. At the same time, it maintains the same good taste and quality. So the focus can be shifted from the kitchen to the guests. (



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