Purspot AB

Purspot is a Swedish Fintech company that offers mobile payment solutions that digitize physical commerce, such as the restaurant industry.

We offer several different payment solutions to streamline sales; Mobile OnlineOrder, Mobile cash register system built into payment terminal, IoT payments, etc.
We have collaborated with some of the major Swedish banks and financiers, to offer fast and flexible payment solutions that work in all purchasing channels.

Our goal is to become the obvious choice as a mobile payment solution for both consumers and retailers, regardless of industry or purchasing channel.
Purspot digitizes physical trade!

Mobile Order Online

Purspot is a mobile order & payment solution that makes it easy for you and your customers. Your customers order & pay via their mobile phone, without having to download any App. It’s easy for you to get started and millions of consumers can start shopping at your place right away. With Purspot, your customers can shop faster and more often, while at the same time you get more efficient production and delivery. Increased sales for you, smoother for the customer!

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