Papstar Sverige

Papstar Sverige

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Papstar is a global supplier of sustainable disposable materials and consumables. With our brand Pure, together with Solserv, we have the opportunity to present a fossil-free, biodegradable and renewable concept. Solserv’s industrial composting machines enable a local and circular decomposition process that forms an organic residual waste in the form of manure.

Solserv will also present its range with food packaging and sealing of food trays. Carpet trays, packaging and sealing film of durable materials.

If we have managed to capture your interest, you are welcome to come by our stand to explore how we use the planet’s fossil-free materials and how we have designed disposable items for the set table in our own unique way.

Explore the full breadth of Pure or let us show you our news and favorites of, for example, Palm Leaves, Sugar Cane, Wood, Bamboo or Paper.




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