Orange for Agricultural Crops
Orange for Agricultural Crops

Orange for Agricultural Crops & Orange Europe

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#World class fruit from Egypt to the whole globe.

Orange For Agricultural Crops First Egyptian company at a Swedish fair, one of the leading fruit companies in Egypt. Orange was established in 2010 by Ali Salam & sons Group. A family company that started working in the fruit brunch in Turkey. Thanks to our good reputation and honesty, we could quickly gain popularity and become one of the largest companies in the market with over 60,000 tons of citrus exported in 2022 and a turnover that rises above 150 million dollars.

We currently sell to over 21 countries around the world including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Thailand, Sweden, Germany etc. We provide our wholesalers with products of the highest quality because all our products come from our own farms.

After receiving a high demand for our products in the European market and in order to give our customers the best experience, we decided to establish an office here in Sweden but also in Germany under the name Orange Europe. Now we are working on marketing, and we will be at as many fairs as we can all over Europe, we will be at the Berlin Fruit Fair in February, and we will also be at a fair in Stockholm in March.




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