Monteriva Kaffe Sverige

Monteriva Kaffe Sverige

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Monteriva was started in 1994 with the aim of promoting the Italian coffee tradition. We have been part of the fantastic development of café and coffee culture. From a smooth cup of coffee then to a coffee menu that soon covers the entire wall. For us, the coffee experience is at the center, that you and your customers can enjoy perfect espresso.

Producing good coffee requires more than just beans and machinery. Therefore, an important part for us is to share our knowledge about how you brew coffee in the best way. We are happy to get involved already at the planning stage for your coffee bar and act as consultants to make things easier. When the business is started, we bring the coffee machines and all the necessary accessories. Your staff can then undergo training where they learn how to handle your new espresso machine. Time passes and then your coffee machines will need maintenance and the coffee will run out, then we will be on the spot quickly to ensure that everything goes as smoothly and well as possible.

Our assortment of coffee and everything around it is in our warehouse which is easily accessible at Södermalm’s eastern junction, this also means that we have the opportunity for really fast delivery to our customers. For customers in southern Sweden, Malmö is probably closer, we also have an office there so that all customers can receive service and help when needed.

Whether you are a private person, cafe owner or entrepreneur looking for a coffee machine or similar, we want you to get exactly what you want. From the very beginning, our goal has been to fulfill all your wishes and we always strive to make that possible.




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