– FAIR OFFERS – Altea Anniversario is an anniversary machine from Venetian La Nuova Era. With a clear design language, Altea Anniversario stands out from the crowd and elevates the environment. An extended distance between the spill tray and the brewing group makes it possible to place the latte glasses directly under the brewing group. It comes with removable spill trays that reduce the distance for preparing espresso and cappuccino. The heat exchanger system in Altea Anniversario provides access to brewing, steam and hot water at the correct temperature simultaneously with an electrical element. The temperature in the insulated pressure cooker is electronically controlled (PID). The brewing water circulates through the brewing group and the heat exchanger in the pressure cooker, the heat source for which is the hot water in the pressure cooker. Volumetric liquid dosing always gives the correct amount of espresso and with a shot timer the espresso is always perfect. If you want to manually control brewing, this is done with the help of an on and off button. The filters that come with it are 9g and 18g, which means that each espresso needs more coffee than standard, but it also means that the end product is even tastier and fuller. Steam is extracted using ergonomically designed joystick handles that are also heat-insulated. There is also an integrated non-return valve that closes the steam pipe so that milk cannot be sucked up into the pipe. A classic level glass that sits in the middle of the espresso machine’s front always shows the water level. Altea Anniversario is connected with 3-phase and the water and sewer network. Offer for you who buy: Anniversario 2-gr + MXD extreme mill (black) for the fair price SEK 35,000 + VAT. (word price: SEK 75,100 + VAT) Offer for you who rent: Anniversario 2-gr + MXD extreme mill (black) for SEK 990 / month (+ VAT)

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