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All products under Kronfågel’s brand are bred and slaughtered in Sweden and come from one of our 46 farms with professional and proud breeders. Our fresh/chilled range is also farm-marked – chicken with a home address simply!

46 Swedish farms
Chicken from Kronfågel comes from Swedish farms. These are dedicated farmers who work hard to raise the world’s best chicken. Our 46 breeders are quite similar in fact – they raise their chickens according to one of the world’s strictest animal welfare laws. They have a lifestyle that adapts to the chicken, so that you get as healthy a chicken as possible. Not infrequently, they live close to the slaughterhouse to minimize transport distances and grow the grain themselves so that they have a mini-cycle on the farm. In addition to legislation, the industry has a unique animal care program that places even greater and more demands than legislation. All so that you who choose Kronfågel should feel that you are making a good choice.

No matter the farm, you can always be sure that the chicken was raised in the best way, by farmers who really love to be farmers. The chickens should feel good all the way from the time they hatch until they are slaughtered. As a customer and consumer, you should always feel safe when using our products. That’s our promise to you.

Fried & sliced club fillet, article 4075

Fried & Sliced Club Fillet is a chilled farm-cooked pre-fried and sliced chicken, neutrally seasoned, where the flavors from the thigh and bone meat still come out in an excellent way. Fits just as well in a Club sandwich or as the topping on a pizza. However, it comes in handy when it has to be the main ingredient in a really good salad. As Fried & Sliced Club Fillet is made from bone and thigh fillet, it also has very good keeping attributes.

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