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BPE Nordic AB was founded in 2014 and is the exclusive distributor of a couple of world-renowned brands in the Nordics. At the fair, we exhibit HEATSCOPE, which is a brand we are responsible for in Sweden. HEATSCOPE is 100% developed, designed and manufactured in Germany. Red dot design award winner, more efficient and maintenance-free heaters that are especially suitable for restaurants and cafes.

Instead of traditional heaters where heat is generated when heating light (halogen light tubes), we at Heatscope have done the opposite and developed heaters that produce heat. Two carbon fiber spirals that provide pleasant warmth, immediately. In addition to the immediate heat generated, there is a markedly reduced, orange-colored, ambient light. Optimal heat, unique design and premium quality are what Heatscope stands for. Heatscope’s heaters are efficient – All models are developed with the latest technology in the form of “mid-wave IR range”. This means that between 90-94% of the energy used is converted into efficient, immediate and pleasant heat. Heatscope’s heater provides comfortable and effective heat exactly where it is needed – just under the first layer of skin, but not too deep into the tissue.




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