HALLDE manufacture four types of machine categories for professional use: Vegetable Preparation Machines, Vertical Cutter Mixer/ Blenders, Combi Cutters and Blenders with the following focus in mind:

– Outstanding quality
– Exemplary safety
– User friendly design solutions with great ergonomics
– Wide preparation range
– Very high capacity
– Perfect cutting results
– Fast and easy cleaning
– Steady operating position
– Easy moving and practical storing

With more than 80 years of experience and a number of important patents HALLDE is one of the world leading companies, within the development and manufacture of commercial food preparation machines. We seek to make kichen life a pleasure!

Vegetable Preparation Machines

HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machines processes from 2 kg/ min up to 40 kg/ min. Type of Processing: Slices, dices, grates, shreds, cuts julienne, French fries and crimping slicers in a variety of dimensions, depending on the cutting tool and model of Vegetable Preparation Machine selected. Users: HALLDE’s wide range suits the smallest café up to food processing industries. Why choose a HALLDE Vegetable Preparation Machine? • The wide range of models • A wide selection of cutting tools • Fast and easy cleaning • Time saving • Exemplary safety • Outstanding quality • Efficient start/ stop function • A precise and clean cut • Easy moving and storing

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