Feldt’s Fisk och Skaldjur AB

Feldt’s Fisk och Skaldjur AB

Om oss

Feldt’s is situated a few meters from the sea on the west coast of Sweden with a fantastic view over the old fishing village of Smögen. Feldt’s is a family owned business and is today the leading seafood supplier in the foodservice industry.
At Feldt´s we work with fresh seafood from all over the world. Mainly from the icy waters of Iceland, Greenland and Alaska but also from the South Pacific Ocean. In short, we get our fish from large areas where the fish stocks are abundant and are not dented by our actions.
Our extensive range includes unbreaded, breaded and pre-fried products. We can also introduce perhaps the market’s largest range of products in brine and a large assortment of smoked and marinated products from our own salmon-factory. With our very complete product range, we hope to be able to satisfy all categories of customers.
Feldt´s seafood is well known for its high quality and reliability. Constantly adapting to our customers’ needs we aim to become Sweden’s N.1 seafood company.




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