We are Debic.
Debic is a professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs and other foodservice professionals. One of the core components of culinary masterpieces is dairy, an essential ingredient for the success of chefs and bakers. We provide chefs and bakers with a solid base of dairy tools they can trust blindly. As a reliable partner, we support you in making your professional life easier, in whatever way we can. We understand the challenges that come with using dairy and make sure our products are very practical to use. Get to know our high-quality dairy products that are continuously innovated and optimized in terms of functionality.

Debic Shapes Chocolate Mousse Quenelle

Debic Shapes Chocolate Quenelle Ready-to-plate dessert: an airy chocolate mousse with a thin layer of dark chocolate Time saving convenient solution: saves at least 50% of MEP time Constant quality, no critical techniques required for preparation Versatile base to create your own dessert Also available in Mascarpone Bar and Panna Cotta Ring

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